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Uniforms and Furniture updates!


This year our uniform in addition to epaulettes for boys and ties for girls along with a Muffles College school badge, will now additionally require the use of a face mask and/or a face shield. The face mask in particular must be plain in color. In other words, no type of graphics will be accepted on the face mask.

A gentle reminder that the boys’ uniform will require a black belt, along with a full black shoe or tennis. Boys are not allowed to wear jewelry of any type.

Girls are to wear their uniform one inch below the knee, plain white anklet socks with a plain appropriate low black shoe. If the girl will wear a pair of earrings, it must be a pair of stud earrings only. No other type jewelry is allowed.

Both boys and girls are allowed to wear a wrist watch


This year, students will not be required to bring their personal furniture to school. The school will be providing these in order to keep in line with the physical distancing protocols required. These will be sanitized daily and will be ready to use by each half attending classes on any particular day. As you can understand, we need to limit the amount of furniture in each classroom.


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