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Profile of the Mercy Graduate

   The times in which we live call for mercy and justice. Mercy Education schools are a force for good, nurturing highly competent and deeply compassionate leaders ready to serve a vulnerable world.

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A member Mercy Education, Muffles College is connected to over 50 schools around the globe in Argentina, Belize, Guam, Honduras, Jamaica, the Philippines and the United States.

What we do at Muffles College matters. To help all member schools identify and celebrate what makes a Mercy education both unique and critical in today’s world, Mercy Education member schools have adopted these Core Values.

  • Our Core Values are the hallmarks of a Mercy Education. These are the ideals we stand up for and strive to live up to. We hold ourselves to these standards as an institution, as a community and as individuals. Each value is interconnected and necessary as we take Mercy into the world.

  1. Compelled By Mercy

  2. Educational Courage

  3. Inspired By Faith

  4. Principled Leadership

  5. A Voice For Dignity and Respect

  • The Core Values inform our new Profile of the Graduate. Our Profile of the Graduate is how students come to manifest and embody our Core Values. It’s the culmination of everything a Mercy Education hopes to achieve. Throughout the student’s journey, this blueprint defines the attributes they’re expected to acquire and the steps they’ll take to gain them. With the Profile of the Graduate, every experience and academic opportunity is linked to and aligned with our Core Values.

  • For those who are familiar with the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy –Earth, immigration, nonviolence, racism, women – these are not changing and continue to be foundational to the focus of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas as a whole. The Mercy Critical Concerns will continue to shape our approach to spirituality, service, curriculum and more.

  • The Critical Concerns and Core Values are two compatible lenses through which students are educated in Mercy.

  1. Curriculum and activities focusing on the Critical Concerns help nurture the Core Values within our students.

  2. An emphasis on Core Values will lead to deeper engagement with the Critical Concerns.

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