Champions Week

On the week of November 20th to 24th Muffles College Highschool held its annual Champion's week, an event intented to empower students and make them aware of the challenges they face and assist them to make the right choices in life. It all started on Tuesday 21st with a special assembly organized by Peer Helpers and on Wednesday talent competitions were held at the auditorium. Thursday was a day for reflection and many invited guests took the stage to talk about their experiences and share in their wisdom. Friday was Religious day and it was dedicated fully for activities and presentations. A special and very dynamic mass was given by Fr Matt and Ms Cilia Usher, an invited guest from the Si

Catholic Secondary School's Leadership Conference 2017

Catholic Schools all over the country gathered at the Muffles auditorium to share and express their faith. The following schools were present: Bishop Martin, Palotti, St. Ignatius, Delille Academy, Sacred heart, Mount Carmel, Saint Viator, St. Catherine's, St. John's, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Muffles College Highschool. To learn more read Dreamers, our newsletter.

All Souls Day

In accordance with tradition and cultural practice Muffles College Highschool paid tribute to their departed loved ones.

Culture Day

Muffles College Highschool celebrated Cultural Diversity day this year on October 13th. Students were asked to come dressed in the traditional clothes of a cultural group and it was quite a fashionable spectacle. Held at the Muffles Auditorium, and joined by several parents, students enjoyed several presentations and inspiring speeches.

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