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Procedures effective August 10th 2020!

The world is facing many challenges today and we at Muffle College will not compromise the

health and safety of our students and teachers. Therefore, we have made some logistical

adjustments as well as infrastructural changes to our campus.

Dropping off in the mornings will now be required to be done through the two principal gates of

our school. That is the main gate that houses our security booth and the gate immediately after.

No vehicle will be allowed to enter at any point of time to drop off students in the morning nor to

pick up students in the afternoon. Upon dropping off students in the morning, they will be

required to wash their hands in order to enter the school campus. We have installed 8 wash hand stations to address this situation, however, we are requesting that your child comes early to school in order to avoid being late to class. In addition, Homeroom teachers will be sanitizing

the students’ hands before entering the classroom in the morning, after break and after lunch.

Infrastructural developments at Muffles College have now increased the eating space which

accommodates our two lunch schedules and allows us to keep within the distancing protocols

required within a group. This is all for the safety of our students.

In addition to these changes we have also removed visitations and community service from our

curriculum for this academic year, including any contact sport. As a result, Physical education

will be restricted to track and field only. In addition, our swimming and beach volleyball

program have also been removed for this academic year.

We will be sending parents text blast messages regarding updates at telephone #'s provided by parents to the school. We urge students to carry their own personal sanitizers as well in addition to all safety measures the school is taking. We look forward to seeing you! Any questions or concerns please call our office at 322-2033 or 322-0302 or send us a message. Thank you! Stay Safe. 💚💛


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