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Mercy Education 

Located in the beautiful town of Orange Walk in sunny Belize, Muffles College Highschool is in the middle of one of the most culturally diverse communities in the region, a true melting pot of cultures as it has been called.  Our student population is a reflection of this vibrant diversity. Under the guidance of the Sisters of Mercy Muffles College Highschool promotes the integration of all cultures, nationalities and ethnicities in accordance to the boundless love taught by Jesus Christ and exemplified  by Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the religious congregationn.  The educational philosophy of the school encompasses both the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students. 

Mission Statement


The Sisters of Mercy

Graduation Caps

Congratulations to Class of 2023!

Proud of The Future Generation


If you're interested in what is happening now at Muffles College Highschool in this section you can find the latest news, events and activities taking place at the school. 

Read Dreamers, our highschool newsletter

A new school project to create a bridge with our community and inform everyone about our activities, promote our values and keep motivated on our spiritual and intellectual growth.

"Be ever ready to praise, to encourage, to stimulate; but slow to censure, and still more slow to condemn"

Catherine McAuley

Buy a book at Muffles

Nothing like the smell of a fresh new book... Muffles is now offering a wide selection of contemporary literature and other genres to the public. Ask for more information at the principal's office. 

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