Explanation of Schedule.

Explanation of Schedule, days of the week (10 day cycle) and periods per day.

At Muffles College, our classes are run in terms of cycles. One cycle is equivalent to two weeks: Day 1 thru

Day 10. The days in the cycle are numbered as Day 1, Day 2, day 3 all the way to day 10 which completes the

two weeks in the cycle. If a holiday falls on any of the days, then that day is carried forward. Keeping in mind

the flip classroom concept for this academic year, we have divided each class into two sections. For example, if

your child is placed in class 1- 1, then your child will either be in one of the two halves named 1-1 Mercy or 1-

1 Bobcats.

During the first week of the cycle, one of the halves will be required to be have online schooling on Monday,

Wednesday and Friday while the other half will be required to be online for online schooling on Tuesday and

Thursday only. During the second week of the cycle, then the halves switch days. The half that was attending

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, will now attend on Tuesday and Thursday, while the half that was attending

only Tuesday and Thursday, will now attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Therefore in a cycle of ten days,

your child will be having online schooling 5 days. The other 5 days of the cycle that your child is not in online

class, he/she will have assignments to work on.

Each Day has 6 Sessions, labelled as 1 through 6 on your schedule.

Homeroom Session will be at 9:45 to 10:00 a.m. Everyone needs to log on at this time to check in for

homeroom Session.

1 st Period 10:00a.m.

2 nd Period 10:30a.m.

3 rd Period 11:00a.m.

4 th Period 11:30a.m.

LUNCH 12 noon

5 th Period 1:00p.m.

6 th Period 1:30p.m.


As a proactive an innovative school of excellence, last year we partnered with the Ministry of Education and

Digi Learn. As a result, your child will be given a laptop to use for his or her first and second academic year at

Muffles College

The use of laptops has drastically reduced the number of books needed to be purchased since we now have

access to E-books.

For updated information visit our Facebook page or our website at www.mufflescollege.com

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