Classes will be FULLY online

Notice to Parents of Muffles College FIRST AND SECOND FORM students. We are now aware from the Ministry of Education that our classes will be FULLY online. Our teachers and students handled it very well last year and with your cooperation we will do it again this year. Some things that you need to know and help us with:

1. DigiLearn does not have any more laptops for us to acquire; therefore, if your child is a first or second former and you have a laptop or device that they can use, there is no need to get one from us. The device needs to have a functioning camera and microphone and specs as follows: Intel processor, touch screen is preferred with stylus, 60 GB SSD, 4 GB DDR4, and windows operating system. The Platform that first and second formers will use is MS TEAMS. We will provide them with their license and user name. If you are unsure of the specifications of your device, then our Network Administrator can let you know once you bring it to school for him to evaluate.

2. Please send us a WhatsApp text message to 621-2034 to indicate whether you have a device and WILL NOT need a used DigiLearn laptop from us. Text us only if YOU DO NOT NEED a device. Name of student and whether they are in first or second form ONLY. This will help us greatly in our planning and providing to those in need. 3rd and 4th formers MUST have their own device.

3. If you need a device and your child is in FIRST Form, then you, the parent, can come to Muffles College Tuesday August 17 and Wednesday August 18th at 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to get a used DigiLearn device. PLEASE bring proof of acceptance or registration of student along with YOUR valid ID- like a social security card. Students SHOULD NOT accompany parents. All Covid19 protocols apply.

4. Parents of SECOND formers, if your child does not have a personal device, then you can come on Thursday August 19th at 9am to 12 noon and 1pm to 4 pm to receive a used DigiLearn device, the same device they used last year. Parents, please bring along your ID. Students SHOULD NOT accompany parents. All Covid19 protocols apply.

5. Third and Fourth formers need to have a device; however, it DOES NOT need to be touch screen. Same specifications as above would be recommended. Unfortunately, we do not provide laptops to 3rd and 4th formers.

6. We still have six refurbished laptops for sale at 650.00, these would work great for third and fourth form students. These six laptops are currently available on a rent to own basis from us at Muffles College, until supplies last.

7. One of our graduates has new Dell laptops for sale at 1,000.00. If you are interested you can contact him at 628-5099.

8. If you know of a parent who does not have Facebook, kindly inform them of this message.

Thank you! God bless!

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